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(406) 214-5058|Bozeman, Montana

"Marlene Kauffeld created beautiful landscaped gardens at my home using plants and flowers that are native to our area. She specifically chose plants with my needs and abilities in mind so that I would be able to maintain the gardens with minimal effort. I am so grateful for her knowledge and skill every time I look at the gorgeous landscaping." - Anne Riemer

"I know Jon and he is always there to help, he is a hard worker and very dependable." - Craig Riemer

"Jon Kauffeld was our friend and neighbor over the five years that my wife and I had an adjacent home which we used in the spring and summer months. Given that we were away more months than we were in Montana, we needed a caretaker - and Jon kindly took care of the property. I can attest that he is an intelligent, hard working and trustworthy person. I recommend him highly in whatever he might undertake." - Jim Baird

"Jon and Marlene have been our neighbors for many years and have always been very knowledgeable and helpful with our outdoor projects. We could not ask for better people - Jon cut down a huge dead tree right next to my henhouse. Throughout the whole process he made me feel at ease and was extremely accurate in the felling of that tree." - Denise Van Why

About Jon and Marlene Kauffeld

We are interested in staying busy and being productive members of this community, and so we are offering our expertise and our services with this venture.

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Wetland Restoration

The practices used are very viable for ranchers, farmers and small parcel landowners to reduce management costs, and improve property values.

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Sustainable Living

The concepts and practices of sustainable living is a service we are passionate about providing. We are very knowledgeable in creating flower and vegetable gardens, and use a greenhouse to extend our growing seasons.

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Handyman Services

Insuring that your home meets your needs, is well lighted, heated, insulated, and things work the way they are supposed to are the major themes of what handyman do.

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